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BVH Query Cost Visualization and Extended Abstract
Linked additional data from SC16 Poster QR Code
Accelerated Signed Distance Queries For Performance Portable Multi-Material Simulations
Selected post for SC16's ACM SPS
Trump likes Colors Writeup
Writeup for HackTheVote 2016, 250 Points scored for Plaid Parliment of Pwning
Early Onset Dementia Detection
An quick hack that uses mock financial data provided by C1/geospatial data in order to predict early onset dementia
Capital One Software Submit Application Project
A news summarization tool that also incorporates a bit of NLP
NeuroDoc -- HackIllinois S16
Winner of HackIllinois: Both Grand Prize & Microsoft's Best Microsoft Hack & Best Use of Azure
Best Health Hack, PennApps
WhatsUpDoc -- BostonHacks F15
Grandprize Winner of BostonHacks, Microsoft Imagine Cup National Semi-Finalist