Evan DeSantola (tabasco)

Accelerated Signed Distance Queries For Performance Portable Multi-Material Simulations


During Summer 2016, I worked at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and completed this research with my co-author, Jordan Backes, an undergraduate from University of Missouri Columbia. We investigated hardware agnostic, performance portable solutions for use in multi-material simulations, specifically signed-distance queries. The summer was an awesome experience, our amazing experiance was due in large part to the guidance and support of our amazing mentors, Kenneth Weiss and George Zagaris, as well as the help of many other awesome employees of LLNL, such as Cyrus Harrison and Matt Larson, all of which who helped us with our research.

Our submission is currently a candidate for semi-finalist for the ACM SRC for Posters at SC16. I am looking forward to meeting more folks in the HPC community at SC16, where I will be presenting our results and having a blast!

Extended Abstract Poster

Check out our results here!

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